Rachel’s had some serious explaining to do…

Slim postpartum pickings for young birds may stunt their brain growth and impede their ability to later remember where they store food.
Feed the Birds, APA Monitor

For people with mild to moderate memory loss, assistive technologies essentially take what was lost or compromised about memory on the inside and put it on the outside.Mending Memory, APA Monitor

Brainpower boosters. Memory masters. Vendors are pushing puzzles and selling video games as a sure-fire means of sharpening the mind or even preventing disease. Do these systems deliver on their promises or are they 21st century snake oil?The New Brain Games, Baycrest Breakthroughs

The human gut is said to be a second brain because of the way it’s plugged into the nervous system. If that’s true, the gut in a body with MS isn’t very bright.It Takes Guts, MS Momentum

Living with MS can be a real pain: an aching, burning, stabbing, numbing, cramping, tingling, sometimes overwhelming and often unpredictable pain.Getting a Handle on MS Pain,
MS Momentum

Peace and quiet, it turns out, are as good for you as a healthy diet and exercise.The Hidden Health Impact of Noise, Encore Home Improvements